Pentagon Technologies™ line of surface particle detectors is the standard in high technology markets for measuring and controlling surface contamination.  Particles that accumulate on your critical surfaces or product can reduce yield and reliability.  Particles below 100um in diameter are very difficult to see with the naked eye.  These particles settle fast and escape routine air monitoring. The QIII LS Surface Particle Detector measures particles in the sub-visible to visible range (5 -300um).

Use the QIII LS to eliminate the particles that cost you time and money.

QIII LS Surface Particle Detector


  • Instant measurements of surface particulate
  • Improve yield by reducing particles in your product
  • Minimize troubleshooting time by quickly identifying particle sources
  • Monitor and set limits for particle density on incoming or outgoing materials
  • Drive continuous improvement through particle baseline studies
  • Test to ISO 14644-9 classification of surface cleanliness
  • Capture counted particles for analysis with optional Particle Analysis Module

Technical Description

  • Particle sensitivity range: 5um -300um
  • Channels: 5,25,50,75,100,>125um (customizable)
  • Sensor: Laser Diode
  • Size & Weight: 14" W X 13.5" D X 9" H, 19 lbs
  • Batteries: (2) Lithium Ion, hot swappable
  • Display: 7" WVGA with touch screen interface
  • Data Units: Particle Density and Raw counts
  • Data Output: USB port or ethernet
  • Probe Included: 1/2" right angle probe with 4 ft (122 cm) of tubing.
  • Purge Options Included: Purge Filter to zero count the detector and a Purge Probe Function to zero count the probe.
  • Input power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 hz
  • Sampling Modes: Static and Dynamic