About Us

Improving Productivity.

Pentagon Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical manufacturing support services, contamination detection, and protection products to the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and solar industries. Pentagon's proprietary services and products improve the utilization, efficiency, and life cycle of complex manufacturing equipment used in high technology fabrication. Pentagon maintains an integrated and active partnership with it's customers, often including on-site support, and collaboration to develop cost-saving and yield-enhancing solutions.

About Pentagon Technologies

Pentagon's integrated array of services, parts, and products is unmatched in the industry, and include:

Chamber Services -

Pentagon is a North American market leader in cleaning, coating, and refurbishing services and replacements parts for wafer-level manufacturing equipment on the front end of the manufacturing process.

Technical Site Services -

Pentagon monitors, certifies, and improves the cleanliness of a fab and its process tools. Its services include cleanroom protocol and certification, protocol monitoring, sustained cleaning, tool acceptance, equipment front-end module (EFEM) certification, NEBB certified and other services throughout the life cycle of the fab.

Particle Detection and Protection Products -

Pentagon provides a wide range of proprietary surface particle detection products that determine the cleanliness of critical surfaces and particle protection products that enhance the cleanliness in critical production areas, which reduces tool downtime, improves throughput, and saves clients' time and money.