Controlled Environment Testing & Certification

Pentagon Technologies offers an elite group of highly accredited professionals with over 20 years of experience. The controlled environment team is made up of CNBT Registered Cleanroom Certification Professionals for Sterile Compounding Facilities (RCCP-SCF), NSF 49 field certifiers, and IAFCA certified technicians. We are one of less than 50 companies internationally that holds a NEBB certification for Cleanroom Performance Testing. Additionally, Pentagons management team holds a seat with the CETA National Board of Testing, as a “subject matter expert” in sterile compounding facilities as well as instructing at the Eagleson Institute for Advanced Certification of Biosafety Cabinets. Our company is an approved vendor for all major manufacturers for service and repair due to our accreditations and successful completion of manufacturer training. We strive on excellence and precision every time.


Testing and Certification Services:

  • Cleanroom Performance Testing & Certification
  • cGMP Services
  • Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Chemical Fume Hoods
  • Laminar Airflow Workstations (Clean Benches)
  • CACI AND CAI Isolators (RABS)
  • Decontamination Services
  • Microbiological Environmental Monitoring
  • Containment Ventilation Equipment (CVE)
  • USP <797> Testing Services, Consulting, and Compliance Readiness
  • USP <800> Testing Services, Consulting, and Compliance Readiness
  • Vivarium Biosafety enclosures
  • Service & Repair
  • Make up Air Handler & Return Air Handler Testing
  • Operating Room Suite Testing
  • HEPA Filter Testing and Replacement
  • Surface Particle Quantification and Characterization

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