Shield Systems

The shield system you use must create

Whether protecting your product or your employees, the system must be reliable, and able to handle the most demanding environments. It must also allow the wearer to perform precision movements over long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.

The Pentagon Technologies shield system protects even the cleanest environments from the contamination created by sneezing, skin flakes and breathing.

Developed as a response to the demands of long-term exposure to contaminants in operating rooms, Pentagon Technologies created a lightweight, comfortable suit with a battery-operated filtration system. This system enabled physicians to tackle complex, prolonged surgical procedures without hindering manual dexterity or becoming uncomfortable. Tens of thousands of these systems are in use today.


The Pentagon Technologies shield system can be easily configured to protect the wearer from the outside environment, and to keep the environment free from human contamination

As a result, these systems have moved into every conceivable application. From the semiconductor cleanroom to the pharmaceutical fill line, from sensitive breeding environments to quarantined areas, this system provides the highest standard of contamination control.